Gait Analysis

Gait (noun): A person’s manner of walking While you probably do not spend much time thinking about the act of walking anymore, it’s actually a complex combination of strength, awareness, balance and coordination.  It involves many different body parts working together to produce the action of movement.  Even a small injury or impairment to any of your muscles or joints can greatly affect the way in which you move. Gait Analysis is an assessment of the way you personally walk and move.  Through this process we are able to observe, detect and aid in correcting possible abnormalities of your body in motion.  Particular attention is paid to common areas of issue such as the hips, knees, ankles and feet. This is a great way to determine what form of therapy is needed to correct problems, major or minor, in your joints, muscles and other musculoskeletal areas.   This can be a great benefit to athletes and runners, but is not limited to those with high levels of activity.  Every body moves and everybody can benefit from having a professional analysis of how your body works together while it is in motion.